Aggregate Directions

Aggregate with our Skid Safe Water Based Sealer and Finish creates non slip floor finish that can reduce slip and fall hazards on floor surfaces like ceramic tiles, masonry, concrete, driveways, garages and vinyl floors. If you are looking for non slip flooring, non skid coating, slip not system, slip and fall prevention, anti slip treatment, slip resistant flooring, traction coating, chemical resistant coating you do not need to look any further. Our system is guaranteed for 5 years on all flooring materials with proper application and maintenance according to our directions.

Aggregate is a special white aluminum oxide which is extremely hard and durable under heavy foot traffic and under the heavy weight of tires and should not be crushed by such weight even after many years! It is lightly broadcast onto our freshly applied SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish when it s still wet. While the aggregate is white, it will be barely visible, or invisible when standing or sitting in a chair on the floor when lightly broadcast. It's appearance changes to clear when properly top sealed with an additional 5 coats of our SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish. 1 lb. will cover about 160 sq ft.

Directions for use with Skid Safe to create non slip finish:

We highly recommend that you practise and develop your technique to properly apply the aggregate on to our Skid Safe by test applying it to any loose tiles, or small floor area before proceeding with the entire job area. Apply Skid Safe following all of our directions to a section of the floor. Apply a first coat of Skid Safe to a small area of the floor (using a quality sponge mop which has been pre-washed and is thoroughly dried) so that it is easy for you to stand over it and broadcast Aggregate. While Skid Safe is still wet hold a small amount of the aggregate in your hand and throw it straight up- slightly. The aggregate will fall evenly over this wet Skid Safe area. Then, apply another small area of SKID SAFE and repeat the above process until the entire floor area has been sealed with a first coat of Skid Safe with the broadcast of our Aggregate.

Use a fan or a blower (rent or buy at a janitorial store) to help blow dry each coat of Skid Safe. Open windows for ventilation. Apply in low to moderate humidity. High humidity will greatly increase the drying and curing times. Each coat should now dry in about 20 minutes or less.

When the first coat is absolutely dry use a LOW PRESSURE SPRAYER (about 35-65PSI) to apply coats 2-6 so as not to disturb the aggregate which a sponge mop will. Consult with any hardware or janitorial store to purchase a low pressure sprayer. Each successive coat must be absolutely dry to the touch before applying the next coat.

After the entire 6 coats of Skid Safe is completed, 96 hours more time is needed to allow our finish to cure (get very hard). If you cannot close the floor to foot traffic for the next 96 hours, cover the floor with a cardboard masked down to enable foot traffic after 8 hours of drying time. Remove the cardboard after 4 days. Use normally.


Clean this floor only with a neutral cleaner (PH of 7)! Other cleaners can quickly dull, and or damage Skid Safe. You may clean the floor with a light scrubbing machine and neutral cleaner, or with a powerwasher. Do not use disinfectants known to harm plastics/floor finishes.

Caution: Irritates eyes and respiratory tract. Avoid inhalation and minimize exposure to dust. Overexposure may cause shortness of breath and lung injury. Avoid ingestion.

Precautionary Statements:

  • Eyes: Safety glasses; Respiratory: Approved dust respirator. Protective gloves and clothing recommended.


First Aid Measures:

  • Eyes: Wash with large amounts of water. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Get medical assistance if needed.
  • Ingestion: Obtain First Aid, or get medical assistance if needed.