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Product Overview

Aggregate is a special additive that when combined with Skid Safe Sealer, creates a non-slip floor finish that can reduce slip and fall hazards on slippery floor surfaces. Perfect to protect areas that are slippery when wet such as swimming pool, sauna or shower areas.

Available in 2 colours (white and brown), aggregate is virtually unnoticeable on any completed application and is pleasant to walk on in bare feet.

Aggregate is made from a special grade of aluminum oxide and is extremely hard and durable.  Heavy foot traffic or even the weight of vehicle tires is not going to crush it or cause it to loose effectiveness.   Our system is Guaranteed for 5 years on all flooring materials with proper application and maintenance according to our directions.

Application Directions:
Aggregate is lightly broadcast onto a freshly applied Skid Safe Sealer while it is still wet.Once the first layer has completely dried, apply an additional 5 coats of Skid Safe sealer.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review