Skid Safe Directions


Skid Safe is an aqueous emulsion of modified thermoplastic resins and their esters. It is ready for use and has an indefinite shelf life. It has an extremely mild odor, which is barely noticeable indoors and is non-combustible. SKID SAFE appears milky white and will dry to a water clear appearance with a high gloss of 90 on the Gardner Scale. The carrying agent is water. It delivers unusually high slip resistance to applied flooring materials, and makes most floor materials more slip resistant in a dry condition, and almost as slip resistant in a wet condition.

True traction can be created by broadcasting our Aggregate product lightly onto it when Skid Safe is freshly applied to the flooring material. Skid Safe used this way can be a cost effective replacement for anti-slip mats and anti-slip strips.

Skid Safe may be applied to all masonry such as concrete, marble, terrazzo, brick, wood, laminates, VCT tiles, metals, to previously sealed finishes, to all tiles (new and used), and to grout lines. Before applying Skid Safe to ceramic tiles, porcelain, brick, or limestone it is required to use Super Bond & Clean. Super Bond & Clean is our innovative product, which creates a superior bond for Skid Safe assuring excellent and permanent adhesion to the substrates above. Before applying Skid Safe on concrete use Concrete Bond & Clean. It will brilliantly clean old oils, greases, and most stains making old concrete appear like new, and prepares concrete for perfect adhesion.

Once Skid Safe has been applied, multiple freeze/thaw cycles have no ill affect. It "breathes" allowing moisture vapors to escape while locking out water and providing excellent repellency.

Although Skid Safe does not require stripping, it may be stripped both chemically and by severe abrasion by sandpaper, for example. It is cleanable with plain water, or with a very high dilution with water of our cleaner at anytime and may be cleaned daily. Dulling or worn can quickly be restored to match the high gloss of the rest of the sealed area with correct burnishing and/or reapplication on needed areas.  

Skid Safe can be applied on top of any other coating/finish in good condition for added slip resistance or traction (with aggregate applied into it), and for longer life of the sealed coating/paint with improved appearance. It will bring back the color of faded paint and this paint will not re-fade nor re-oxidize. The application of a new paint color or new coating over applied Skid Safe even after many years can be done and save the cost of stripping the old paint/coating!

Do not use Skid Safe on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days, or in extremely challenged areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used.

Skid Safe does not yellow, peel, flake, crack, nor chip, and resists heat up to 600° F.


Use Skid Safe full strength, do NOT dilute with water.

  1. Thoroughly clean the flooring materials -new or used- with a neutral cleaner (pH of 7) and then rinse with clean water. If there are any undesirable waxes/seals, remove them first. Skid Safe must be applied to completely dry surface. Allow porous materials such as limestone, marble, terrazzo, etc. to thoroughly dry out for about 24 hours.

    Exceptions: Unsealed concrete: requires the use our Concrete Bond & Clean with subsequent thorough rinsing with water, and 24 hour drying. Do not clean with neutral cleaner. Unsealed ceramic/porcelain tile, brick and limestone: requires the use of our Super Bond and Clean, which both cleans and uniquely insures proper adhesion of Skid Safe. It is essential to thoroughly rinse all of its residues before applying Skid Safe, or the finish will look milky and uneven.

    Any old seal/finish - if it is not in acceptable condition should be stripped and neutralized. You may purchase a NEUTRALIZER in a janitorial supply store (or use a cup of white vinegar per pail of water ) to neutralize the floor after stripping. NOTE: Failure to properly remove all stripper residues and to neutralize the floor prior to sealing with our Skid Safe will cause Skid Safe to look cloudy, milky and to start peeling.

    Unless being used outside, we suggest the use of a good blower or fan to speed the drying time. We suggest that masonry, wood, and stones be allowed to dry out for 24 hours to insure that all moisture has evaporated from below the surface and throughout the substrate material.

  2. After proper floor area preparation as stated above, SKID SAFE may be applied.

    Porous/Rough floors: use an airless sprayer with a tip size of 0.015 or 0.013 at 300-500 PSI. Apply Skid Safe by slowly moving the spray tool over the floor area so that you can clearly see the wetness of our product as it is being applied. A heavier base coat can be applied which will entirely soak into the substrate. When the entire area has been sprayed with Skid Safe, allow it to dry to the touch before applying the next coat, which should occur in about 20 – 60 minutes. We recommend a total of 4 single coats be applied – when using Skid Safe without Aggragate.

    Smooth, non-porous floors: use either a quality sponge mop (do not use sponges that are sold moist), or a brand new pre-rinsed cotton mop. Do not use old mops. All mops/tools - new or used – must be pre-washed and dried before use. We advise that you place the mop in a bucket of Skid Safe, or cover it with a plastic bag, while you are waiting for each coat to dry to avoid SKID SAFE to harden on the mop.

    Dip your application tool into wet Skid Safe in a bucket or tray. Insure the tool is not dripping Skid Safe before applying to the floor. Draw the Skid Safe wet tool across a floor area until no more wetness is seen on the floor. It is not necessary to rub the tool on the floor. Re wet the tool in SKID SAFE and continue to apply where you left off until the entire area has been treated with the first coat.

    Application with Aggregate: Use either a paint roller (short nap, or sponge), or an airless sprayer. Do not use a mop when sealing over Aggregate.

    Open windows for ventilation and use a blower to speed up the drying time. Each coat must be absolutely dry to the touch before application of next coat. Apply total number of 4 coats when not using Aggregate, apply 6 coats when using Aggregate

  3. After the final coat has been applied secure the area and allow it to dry and to start the curing process. Skid Safe requires 96 hours to cure, which means that it will get harder over time. On areas where only light foot traffic will pass, secure this area for at least 8 hours from all. We suggest that you cover this floor with rolls of cardboard secured to avoid it being kicked around for 96 hours so that Skid Safe can cure. That means that the non-water elements in the product will get hard, and they will get much harder over time. After 96 hours, remove the cardboard or butcher paper and allow normal use.

    Caution:Do not drag heavy objects such as furniture over any sealed floor to avoid damage from abrasion to skid safe. Do not cover newly sealed floor with rubber mats or similar unbreathable materials until Skid Safe is fully cured

    Do not clean or wash your newly sealed floor before 96 hours. Do not apply skid safe outside if it is likely to rain within 4 days.

    Never apply Skid Safe to any area that will be either under water or will be constantly wes with water. Should any sealed area become wet for too long (usually exceeding 5 days), it may turn white temporarily until the water dries. Then, it will turn back to being clear

    Note that high humidity will extend the drying times and will delay and extend the curing times. Apply Skid Safe in conditions of moderate to low humidity for better drying results.

    When and how can you walk on the floor? Cover the dried application with a cardboard. After at least 8 hours of further drying, the cardboard may be walked on until the floor is cured. Then, remove the cardboard and use the floor in a normal manner.

Directions for use with Aggregate

To create a true non-slip surface, apply our Aggregate to Skid Safe. We highly recommend that you practice and develop your technique to properly apply the aggregate on to Skid Safe by test applying it to any loose tiles, or small floor area before proceeding with the entire job. When ready, apply a first coat of Skid Safe to a small area of the floor so that it is easy for you to stand over it, and while it is still wet broadcast Aggregate. Or, you can seal larger area of the floor and then walking with spikes on the shoes (as not to disturb wet Skid Safe) spread Aggregate. You can spread Aggregate using proper sieve/strainer, or hold a small amount of the aggregate in your hand and throw it straight up slightly (watch our short video). If done properly, the aggregate will fall evenly over wet Skid Safe area. Then, apply another area of Skid Safe and repeat the above process until the entire floor has been sealed with a first coat of Skid Safe with the broadcast of our Aggregate.

Use a fan or a blower to help blow dry each coat of Skid Safe. Open windows for ventilation. Apply in low to moderate humidity. High humidity will greatly increase the drying and curing times. Each coat should dry in about 20 – 60 minutes.

When the first coat is absolutely dry, use paint roller (sponge, or 1/4" nap), or a low pressure sprayer (about 35-65PSI) to apply coats 2-6 so as not to disturb the aggregate which any mop will. Each successive coat must be absolutely dry to the touch before applying the next coat. After the entire 6 coat of Skid Safe is completed, 96 hours more time is needed to allow our finish to cure. If you cannot close the floor to foot traffic for the next 96 hours, cover the floor with a cardboard masked down to enable foot traffic after 8 hours of drying time. Remove the cardboard after 4 DAYS. Use normally.

Product use Estimates:

  1. Skid Safe (when used alone - without Aggregate):

    NON POROUS FLOOR MATERIAL such as porcelain, ceramic tiles, metal, currently sealed flooring or fiberglass:
    You need to apply 4 separate coats according to our directions. The approximate coverage for all 4 applied coats is about 400 sq.ft. per gallon. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 400 to show the amount of SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish that you need.

    POROUS FLOOR MATERIAL such as vinyl, quarry tile, brick, wood, concrete, masonry and porous paint:
    You need to apply 4 separate coats according to our directions. The approximate coverage for all 4 applied coats is about 200 sq.ft. per gallon. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 205 to show the amount of gallons of SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish that you need.

  2. Skid Safe and Aggregate (when used together):

    NON POROUS FLOOR MATERIAL such as porcelain, ceramic tiles, metal, currently sealed flooring or fiberglass:
    You need to apply 6 separate coats according to our directions. The approximate coverage for all 6 applied coats is about 300 sq.ft. per gallon. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 300 to show the amount of gallons of Skid Safe Water Based Sealer/Finish that you need. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 160 to show the amount of lbs. of Aggregate needed.

    POROUS FLOOR MATERIAL such as vinyl, quarry tile, brick, wood, concrete, masonry and porous paint:
    You need to apply 6 separate coats according to our directions. The approximate coverage for all 6 applied coats is about 170 sq.ft. per gallon. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 170 to show the amount of gallons of SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish that you need. Divide your floor sq.ft. area by 160 to show the amount of lbs. of Aggregate needed.

  3. Super Bond & Clean

    You need to order about 1 Quart of Super Bond and Clean per 100 sq.ft.

  4. Concrete Bond & Clean:

    The spread rate will range from 150 sq. ft.-250 sq.ft. per gallon (37 - 62 sq.ft. per Quart).

We encourage all to pre test our products for their application to determine the exact spread rates on their flooring material.

Maintenance Directions:

  1. Use a light dilution of a neutral cleaner for normal, daily cleaning. The use of anything but a neutral cleaner will dull or strip Skid Safe. If necessary, use a soft nylon brush, scrubbing machine, or a pressure washer on low setting. Do not use scrubbing machine and a high water pressure on SKID SAFE installations with Aggregate.
  2. Cleaner residues allowed to dry on Skid Safe will dull the high gloss in time.
  3. Use a disinfectant known not to harm plastics/finishes. A disinfectant sprayed on the floor near a urinal area can strip or damage SKID SAFE in time.
  4. Should any area of a floor become dull over time or worn, the easiest procedure is to reapply more Skid Safe over the clean worn/dull area. It will blend into the rest of the floor and match the high gloss elsewhere on the floor. Apply a new coat of Skid Safe over the floor to restore the high gloss on the entire floor.
  5. Skid Safe can be burnished to restore much of the high gloss with a low speed machine (175-300 RPM) with a red pad and a 4-1 dilution of Skid Safe with water spray misted over the floor area before burnishing. This will also remove scuff marks. Then, use a white pad with the same low speed floor machine to polish the floor, which will restore gloss.

    CAUTION: Burnishing the floor will reduce the level of high gloss as it originally appears. Use a cleaner to remove scuffmarks. Apply a fresh coat of Skid Safe over a part or over the entire floor for highest gloss.

    Do not use any buffing device on no slip Skid Safe system floors!

  6. Skid Safe does not require stripping. However, it can be stripped with a high pH ammoniated stripper, and small selected areas could be sanded off with a sandpaper.


Skid Safe is a water-based solution and it should be stored in above freezing temperatures. Product shelf life is

WARNING: This product cannot be allowed to freeze in the container as it will be ruined when thawed!

5 Year Warranty:

Your purchase of any of our primers/sealers/finishes/coatings is warranted to perform according to our specifications when applied and maintained according to our directions for 5 years. This warranty does not cover: misuse, misapplication, poor maintenance, normal wear and high gloss. Your rights under this warranty are not transferable. Only the original buyer may file a claim with us under this warranty. If we determine the validity of a claim under this warranty, we will refund or replace the product(s) at your option less the time that the product(s) performed from the 5-year period. Example: If the product performed for 2.5 years, you could receive a refund of half the product cost, or replace the product at a credit of half of the List Price towards replacement.

Limitation of Liability:

You understand and agree that the manufacturer shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, data or other intangible losses (even if manufacturer has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the use or the inability to use the product(s) and or service(s) or any misuse of the product(s) and or service(s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use. The user assumes full responsibility and risk in testing this product for the particular application and for determination of proper disposal method of chemical residues and cleaning implements according to State and Federal regulations. In no event shall 6768777 MANITOBA LTD be liable for consequential or incidental damages exceeding the cost of this product.